The LOOM Cabaret (TLC) is located on the lower level of The LOOM. It features a centered dance floor, with cafe tables and chairs around the dance area. The 4400 square foot space has been renovated in keeping with the arts and crafts style of the original, right down to the reassembling of the original 30 foot bar that was left behind in major disrepair. The walls are highlighted with hand stenciling, and include hand drawn and painted murals that match the stencils. One of the focal-points of the room is a hanging light, with nine round glass globes (purchased at a local auction) that became the inspiration for the retro art deco stye decor. The bar area is enhanced with hanging glass light fixtures with a red/orange/yellow swirl that have become known as the "bowling ball lights". There are also faux brick archways and tongue & groove panel collums that give the space structural and archetechural interest. The "antique coral and artisian well" colored walls, combined with the brick and panelling, give the room a warmth and coziness that is rare in a space of its size and preportion.

TLC also has a small stage which is ideal for a live band, a D.J., or for "coffee house" performances. The central dance floor has plenty of space for those who want to show off their dancing skills or shake their stuff. And the cafe tables arranged around the floor make it easy to watch the dancers, see the band/performers or to converse with those sitting near you. It is a relaxed atmosphere, with plenty of warmth, and provides an exceptionally intimate atmosphere for such a large space. We highly recommend that you see the space in person, as words and pictures do not do it justice!

The rental price for TLC includes the tables and chairs, use of the warming kitchen (cooking on premises is not permitted), and the set-up and clean-up of the space. It is perfect for birthday parties, anniversary celebrations or gatherings that are best served in an informal atmosphere. Set-up is according to how you want it. The LOOM Administration will meet with you in advance of the event to plan this. Again, our goal is for you to have the party that you want, and then the opportunity to enjoy it. It is your party, your way!

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